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  GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions

  SET 3 Discrete Question: Medium

  【1】4 Richard M. Russell said 52 percent of the nation’s growth since the Second World War had (i)_________ invention. He said, (ii)_________ research, the government’s GREatest role in assuring continuing innovation is promoting a strong, modern patent office. “Unless we can (iii)_________ original ideas, we will not have invention.” Mr. Russell said. Speculating on the state of innovation over the next century, several inventors aGREed that the future lay in giving children the tools to think creatively and the motivation to invent. BLANK1 BLANK2 BLANK3

  A been at the expense of D in addition to restricting G evaluate

  B no bearing on E aside from supporting H protect

  C come through F far from exaggerating I disseminate

  【2】5 Statements presented as fact in a patent application are (i)_________ unless a good reason for doubt is found. The invention has only to be deemed “more likely than not” to work in order to receive initial approval. And, although thousands of patents are challenged in court for other reasons, no incentive exists for anyone to expend effort (ii)_________ the science of an erroneous patent. For this reason the endless stream of (iii)_________ devices will continue to yield occasional patent. BLANK1 BLANK2 BLANK3

  A presumed verifiable D corroborating G novel

  B carefully scrutinized E advancing H b**us

  C considered capricious F debunking I obsolete

  SET 5 Discrete Question: Hard

  【3】4 No other contemporary poet’s work has such a well-earned reputation for (i)_________ , and there are few whose moral vision is so imperiously unsparing. Of late, however, the almost belligerent demands of his severe and densely forbidding poetry have taken an improbable turn. This new collection is the poet’s fourth book in six years-an ample output even for po of sunny disposition, let alone for one of such (ii)_________ over the previous 50 years. Yet for all his newfound (iii)_________ , his poetry is as thorny as ever. BLANK1 BLANK2 BLANK3

  A patent accessibility D penitential austerity G taciturnity

  B intrinsic frivolity E intractable prolixity H volubility

  C near impenetrability F impetuous prodigality I pellucidity

  【4】5 Managers who think that strong environmental performance will (i)_________ their company’s financial performance often (ii)_________ claims that systems designed to help them manage environmental concerns are valuable tools. By contrast, managers who perceive environmental performance to be (iii)_________ to financial success may view an environmental management system as extraneous. In either situation, and whatever their perceptions, it is a manager’s commitment to achieving environmental improvement rather than the mere presence of a system that determines environmental performance. BLANK1 BLANK2 BLANK3

  A eclipse D uncritically accept G complementary

  B bolster E appropriately acknowledge H intrinsic

  C degrade F hotly dispute I peripheral

  【5】6 Philosophy, unlike most other subjects, dose not try to extend our knowledge by discovering new information about the world. Instead it tries to deepen our understanding through (i)_________ what is already closest to us-the experiences, thoughts, concepts, and activities that make up our lives but that ordinarily escape our notice precisely because they are so familiar. Philosophy begins by finding(ii)_________ the things that are (iii)_________ . BLANK1 BLANK2 BLANK3

  A attainment of D essentially irrelevant G most prosaic

  B rumination on E utterly mysterious H somewhat hackneyed

  C detachment from F thoroughly commonplace I refreshingly novel

  Practice Test

  Section 3


  【6】The most striking thing about the politician is how often his politics have been (i)_________ rather than ideol**ical, as he adapts his political positions at any particular moment to the political realities that constrain him. He does not, however, piously (ii)_________ political principles only to betray them in practice. Rather, he attempts in subtle ways to balance his political self-interest with a (iii)_________ , viewing himself as an instrument of some unchanging higher purpose.  BLANK1 BLANK2 BLANK3

  A quixotic D brandish G profound cynicism

  B self-righteous E flout H deeply felt moral code

  C strategic F follow I thoroughgoing pragmatism

  Section 411

  【7】What readers most commonly remember about John Stuart Mill’s classic exploration of the liberty of thought and discussion concerns the danger of (i)_________ : in the absence of challenge, one’s opinions, even when they are correct, grow weak and flabby. Yet Mill had another reason for encouraging the liberty of thought and discussion: the danger of partiality and incompleteness. Since one’s opinions, even under the best circumstances, tend to (ii)_________,and because opinions opposed to one’s own rarely turn out to be completely (iii)_________ , it is crucial to supplement one’s opinions with alternative points of view.   BLANK1 BLANK2 BLANK3

  A tendentiousness D embrace only a portion of the truth G erroneous

  B complacency E change over time H antithetical

  C fractiousness F focus on matters close at hand I immutable


  【8】Wills argues that certain malarial parasites are especially (i)_________ because they have more recently entered humans than other species and therefore have had (ii)_________ time to evolve toward (iii)_________ . Yet there is no reliable evidence that the most harmful Plasmodium species has been in humans for a shorter time than less harmful species. BLANK1 BLANK2 BLANK3

  A populous D ample G virulence

  B malignant E insufficient H benignity

  C threatened F adequate I variability

  PREP 三空题目

  【9】SECTION1-6 The question of (i)_________ in phot**raphy has lately become nontrivial. Prices for vintage prints(those make by a phot**rapher soon after he or she made the negative)_________ so drastically (ii)_________ in the 1990s that one of these phot**raphs might fetch a hundred times as much as a nonvintage print of the same image. It was perhaps only a matter of time before someone took advantage of the(iii)_________ to peddle newly created “vintage”prints for profit. BLANK1 BLANK2 BLANK3

  A forgery D ballooned G discrepancy

  B influence



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