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2021-06-29 15:17:36

为了帮助大家高效备考GRE,新东方在线GRE频道为大家带来GRE数学公式的罗列,希望对大家GRE备考有所帮助。更多精彩尽请关注新东方在线GRE频道! equal to; is the same as =;

  the result is; yields; gives;

  2.the sum of x and y; the total of x and y;

  x added to y; x increased by y;          x+y

  x more then y; x greater than y;

  3.x minus y; x less y;

  the difference of x and y; x take away y;

  from x subtract y' x decreased by y;         x-y

  x diminished by y; y is subtracted from x;

  y less than x (note the reversal);

  4. x multiplied by y;

  the product of x and y; xy;

  5. divided by y;

  the quotient of x and y;                x y,

  y divided into x (note the reversal);

  6. A and B are factors of C;

  A and B are divisors of C;

  C is divisible by A and by B;            A B=C

  C is a multiple of A and of B;

  A divides C and B divides C;

  7. the ratio of a to b;                   a:b,

  8. reciprocal of;                      x

  9. x times as many z as y;                z=x y

  10. a squared;

  a to the second power;                a2

  11. a cubed;                         a3

  75% of x (a percent of x);