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  1. Research into butterfly could have (i)_____implications, since knowledge of their optical and thermal properties may be (ii)_____ controlling the behavior of computer chips, which likewise consist offinely structured thin film.(all in one原题)

  A. ecological

  D. tantamount to

  B. aesthetic

  E. germane to

  C. technological

  F. advance by

  2. Since Venus and Earth are so similar in their mass and density, Mueller suggested that the two planets have similar compositions and, therefore there must be surface features on Venus that have terrestrial _____.(冲刺班原题)

  A. causes

  B. consequences

  C. counterparts

  D. parallels

  E. properties

  F. outcomes

  3. Investors are grateful that theattorney general has stepped in to pursue inquiries into misfeasance in thefinancial markets, given that the regulators officially charged with policingthe industry have been _____.(all in one原题)

  A. diffident

  B. meticulous


  D. implacable

  E. tenacious

  4. When pulsars were first discovered, some ofthe astrophysicists involved briefly (i)_____ these types of stars might be (ii)______extraterrestrial intelligence. Specifically, the pulsar’s periodic radiationpattern was initially interpreted as (iii)______ rather than—as it turned outto be—the natural product of the spinning of a neutron star.(冲刺班原题)

  A. ignored whether

  D. suggestive of

  G. a deliberate hoax

  B. thought that

  E. unrelated to

  H. an episodic phenomenon

  C. disavowed that

  F. evidence against

  I. a constructed code

  5. There has been great enthusiasm in the UnitedStates for reducing fossil fuel dependence by increasing production of biofuelsfrom crops such as corn and switchgrass, but this (i)_____ about biofuel’spotential should be (ii)_____ by a realistic appraisal of the costs andchallenges of biofuel production. (all in one原题)

  A. forbearance

  D. tempered

  B. exuberance

  E. delineated

  C. obduracy

  F. exacerbated

  6. Until now,old snapshots and home movies faded and crumbled and were eventually (i)_____.Only a few precious mementos were preserved and passed along. But asphotography moves into the digital realm, family albums and home videos seecapable of (ii)_____: our capacity to store them is, for all practicalpurposes, approaching the infinite. Is such a transformation a good thing? Thenatural world teaches us that (iii)_____ are vital to ecological health. Does asimilar principle apply to communal memory?

  A. archived

  D. transmission

  G. death and decay

  B. discarded

  E. immortality

  H. predator and prey

  C. reproduced

  F. revolution

  I. reproduction and renewal

  7. The threatof litigation makes the art authentication industry _____ realm: connoisseursrefuse to communicate in writing and confidential agreements bindauthenticators to silence.

  A. anopportunistic

  B. aclandestine

  C. amoralizing

  D. axenophobic

  E. ananarchistic

  8. Recent research runs counter to the long-cherished notion that a small drop in body temperature during and after surgery is either _____ or actually protects the patient by slowing metabolism and reducing the body’s demand for blood and oxygen.

  A. beneficial

  B. immaterial

  C. inconsequential

  D. preventive

  E. prophylactic

  F. redundant

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